Adult day services

Adults get involved in so many activities at a go in a day. This includes their thoughts and plans that they put in their schedule. Most of them will include so many activities in their daily schedule and end up not fulfilling them due to other circumstances that they can’t avoid such as sickness and epidemics that can’t be avoided at all cost. Just the way we plan on what to do is the same way the adult day activities are planned to work out the way it is required. Though planning the activities for adults I a day care is challenging especially if they are not grouped. They are offered activities such as enjoyment, they are given companionship and entertainment.

They share meals, games and enjoy outings with people just like them. While in these day cares, they undergo so many activities like;




They play games like crosswords, Sudoku, scenic puzzles to exercise their brains and even strengthen the body. They also create interactions between them. They are even encouraged to participate in video games


Medical activities


Many medical facilities have special programs for the elderly with conditions including dementia and stroke recovery. They are helped with rehabilitation services by therapist. Medical visits as well as medical examinations are done on them to ensure treatment of the disease of the patient is well treated.


Daily task


They perform many activities by spending most of their time in the kitchen, special outdoor gardening and trips to local markets, these activities allow them to perform tasks by themselves in a very safe environment without supervision.




They are given breaks, some go to ensure their hair and nails are done while some have other fun activities including watching movies while eating popcorn. Others also decide to have a cool breeze making fun stories with their friends which is encouraging.




They are involved in garden activities like digging and keeping animals and they are given responsibilities each on which animal to care for, this feels them with love and care keeping their minds peaceful.

They are taught how to read by themselves by putting simple charts on the walls and helping them recite to prevent them from loss of memory, reciting bible verses and reminding them of the past previous activities they did in their previous exercise. Some cannot even feed themselves or go to the toilet, there are specialists whole help them start doing them and reminding them every is very sad that those with disabilities like dementia, heart disease, stroke amongst others are taken to those facilities as others are also abandoned. Others forget their homes and get lost since no one has taken the responsibility of taking care of them. They do so many activities that we can also get involved in with them during our free time.

Their daily activities keep them moving such that they never notice that years are moving and they get older everyday as others gain their memories while others don’t. Those people with disabilities should always be shown care, understanding and attention for them to live with life full of happiness and recover faster. They need us more than we need them. We should help those who are helping them to make the process easier.