Parties for Disabled Adults

Yes! Disability is not inability. Being disabled should not stop you from living life and having fun. Parties are one of the ways that we have fun and connect with our friends and families. In a party a lot of things go on people eat, they dance, people make presentations, people go crazy and also they play games. Many times when it comes to games the disabled we are left out making them feel left out and make them not want to attend parties.

Am sure you try to figure out what party game would involve the

Here is a list to choose from;

Truth or dare.

This is a game where you start by spinning the bottle and whoever the head points at will be choose between truth or dare. If they choose truth they are asked questions and they have to answer genuinely. When they choose dare they are asked to do wired things. If there is a person with hearing disability they could be given the spinning role.

The cherry pie game.

Put a plate with five cherries on the table and see who will be first to eat all the cherries with their hands tied on their back. Make sure to cover the plate with whipped cream.

Balloon pop

Put notes inside a note inside un-inflated balloons and inflate the balloons. One should read winner. Let the members choose a balloon each and see who get the winner note. He/she should be rewarded.


Play music as participants walk around the room and when the music stops everybody stops until released. Whoever moves should be out. The leader would use signs to say stop for those with hearing problems.

Imitate a picture

The leader chooses a picture and the participants imitate the objects in the picture.

Tag and bag

As music is playing and people are dancing one person secretly clip it on someone else and walk away and they shout “tag and bag “. Everyone starts to search themselves to see if they have the tag. In the count of five the tagged person should pull out the tag failure to these they are given penalties it could be a dare or a challenge.

Make sure to fully involve them and let them understand the game before it starts. Choose the right music for them and don’t keep treating them like disabled. Let them feel as normal as possible. Also make everyone else in the party understand them to avoid inconveniences.