St Clair Day Centre


The service offered by the St Clair Day Centre in Kirkcaldy aims to promote the welfare of people with a learning disability by enabling them, as far as possible, to live an independent self-fulfilling life. The service can be described as a Quality of Life Service. It is also a preventative service, alleviating stress, reducing isolation and in general supporting the continuum of services that help keep people in their own communities.

Staff at St Clair are committed and experienced workers who provide the service in spirit of partnership with service members.

Underlying the service that is provided is a range of attitudes and values that are best demonstrated in the following statements:

That each user of the service is a unique individual in his/her own right.
That they have the right to respect and dignity.
That they have the right to make choices over their own lives and to participate fully in society as equal partners

Aims of Service

  • To encourage and enable members to lead as fulfilling a life as possible
  • To link members with other community resources.
  • To provide personal support and information
  • To help members assess how they can use day services on their behalf to meet their own individual needs
  • To provide members with an environment that is stimulating, challenging and enjoyable and one that allows for personal growth.
  • To help members develop, maintain and acquire social, academic, leisure and creative skills
  • To maintain and improve independence
  • To present opportunities for members to be both helpers and be helped: to help himself/herself.
  • To promote awareness and positive attitudes about disability amongst the general public.

Summary of Our Approach to the Service Offered

The purpose of our work is to maximise individual development and independence by offering a diverse programme of activities based on individual choices and needs.

We need to ensure fairness and equality by being clear about our goals, communicating these and recording outcomes.

We strive to create an atmosphere where everybody involved with the centre, whatever their role, feels valued and that they have something to contribute.

Our focus wherever possible is to make systems, structures and processes within the St Clair Centre Community as inclusive as possible. We also aim to encourage other organisations and mainstream services to become more inclusive thereby adding to the range of community activities centre members can particpate in.

We can only do this by teamwork and by recognising the strength and support that we each need to play our part in achieving the best outcomes for those using the service.