Robert Gough Resource Centre – Leven

Aims and ObjectivesRobertGough

The Robert Gough Centre Staff are committed to providing a range of support services that respond in a planned, flexible way to meet the needs of individuals who have a learning disability and to help Carers to meet some of their needs.

The focus “To enable people to live an ordinary and independent a life as possible in their own home and local community.

We will endeavour to build on the work achieved in past years, moving towards a resource for users, families and community.


  • To continue working with Service Users to seize opportunities for community presence and participation by continuing to work with other organisations and projects.
  • To look at and promote ways of raising the profile of the Robert Gough Centre, with Service Users, Parents and Carers, in relation to the work done in and from the Robert Gough Centre.
  • To review our work with all our Service Users, Parents and Carers where necessary, as a means of improving the quality of service provision.
  • To continue our work in relation to the empowerment of Service Users.
  • To continue and improve links with Parents, Carers and any outside agencies for the benefit of Service Users and the Robert Gough Centre.