Person-centred Approaches

One of the prevailing ethics within the centre is a committment to assisting individuals to develop and lead ordinary lives, fully included in their community.

We can support people to develop real and meaningful community connections, social networks and relationships in areas such as:

Education – Travel – Leisure & Recreation – Volunteering – Housing

  • Making day to day choices about the places, people and activities the person wants to engage with to bigger decisions about future life changes such as housing, holidays, Direct Payments, Transitional Housing Benefit, employment.
  • Making new friends within community groups, at college, night classes, in the workplace, on holiday or at the church. Making friends with volunteers and befrienders. Planning to meet up with friends from the Day Centre and people with similar interests in the evenings and weekends.
  • Offering time as a volunteer in a variety of settings such as a cafÈ, lunch club, cattery, nursing home, playgroup and hospital. Becoming an employer ñ Direct Payments. Attending night classes and participating in conferences.
  • Use of public transport, road-crossing and managing own money. Work related skills relevant to each working environment. Numeracy and literacy, drumming lessons, discussion groups, horse-riding, canoeing, golf, abseiling, archery, elementary food hygiene certificate, computing skills, beginners Spanish, cookery, sketching and belly dancing.

We will do this by providing opportunities for individuals to meet people in the community with similar interests in the hope that relationships will develop leading to circles of of natural support.

Our work is rooted in the philosophy of Social Inclusion which has an underpinning belief that all individuals have a right to be a full participant in their community. We believe that both individuals and community are enriched by the opportunity to offer and receive support, when needed.

All people are different and by acknowledging, accepting and supporting our differences a community can become stronger and more inclusive.