Forward Centre

The Forward Centre is a purpose-built facility opened in 1985 in Glenrothes.Forward Centre

The Centre caters for people aged 18-65 years, who have primary physical or sensory impairment.

We offer a range of activities assisting people to aid development and to remain independent as well as acting as a focal point for services from other agencies e.g. Community Services, Speech Therapy, Health agencies and other Social work services…..

Centre Aims

The Forward Centre is a Fife Council Social Work Service resource which promotes independence, opportunity, advocacy and decision-making in a stimulating and supportive envrionment.

The Centre aims to enhance quality of life and preserve dignity by minimising the loss of independence and allowing people to retain control over their lives.

The Centre adopts a sensitive holistic approach in meeting physical, emotional, physiological and social needs of the individual member.

The Centre acts as a focal point for support agencies from within the Social work services and external statutory, voluntary and voluntary sector.

An ongoing assessment and review of the needs of the individual and the designing of an individual programme forms the basis of maximising potential.

The Centre will work in close partnership with members, carers and other agencies to enable members to increase community networks and to integrate within a wider community.

Our vision is provide supports that will be responsive to individual needs and choices that will enable people who have disabilities to be valued within the community.

To do this we will:

  • Promote the use of Person Centred Approaches
  • Listen and know the person
  • Know the community
  • Regularly review people’s needs
  • Work with carers and others
  • Widen people’s range of meaningful experiences
  • Promote and maintain equality
  • Promote and uphold people’s rights to privacy, dignity, respect and confidentiality.


People come to the Forward Centre from many different parts of Fife. Some people come by car, taxi, public transport and centre transport.

The centre itself has three buses which bring people in to the centre in the morning and take people home in the afternoon. These buses are also used to take people out to access other community facilities.

The geographical area covered by our transport extends from Glenrothes eastwards to Levenmouth and northwards to the Howe villages.

Fife Rehab Service

We enjoy positive and sustained links with our professional colleagues within the Fife Rehab Service.

These include senior physiotherapist, dietician, and speech and language therapist. Our direct care staff are able to carry out instructions concerning peopleĆ­s rehabilitative care


The Forward Centre has a staff compliment of thirty three. This comprises of direct care staff, drivers, escorts, kitchen staff, caretakers and management.

All staff receive core training in subjects such as Moving and Handling and Sensory Awareness and all our drivers are MIDAS trained.

Our direct care staff receive input on assisting people from Fife Rehab Services senior physiotherapist and dietician.