Fife Council’s Adult Services – Resources provide for adults with a disability.

We believe strongly in an inclusive approach tailored to meet the personal and developmental needs of service users.

Each service unit takes a slightly different approach to reflect the geographic and social reality of their area and service users.


Our services will promote:

  • equal opportunities in all respects of Centre acktivities
  • less dependence through monitored skills development programmes
  • self and group advocacy, helping people to speak up and have their views heard
  • the use of services and facilities in local communities
  • the aim of helping people to take control of their own lives and affairs
  • partnerships through consulting and working with people who use our centres

Planning A Wedding Around Disabled Guests

The intent of a disability-friendly wedding is to have everyone enjoy the happy day, from the loving couple to all of the guests. People with dancedisabilities are sometimes left out of the fun. If you are planning a wedding that will include some disabled guests, it’s considerate to think of ways to accommodate their needs, so that they can enjoy the wedding just as much as you do. Safety is also a big consideration when planning for the needs of disabled people.

Provisions will differ according to the type of handicap, but here are some general wedding tips.

The Physically Disabled

Seniors or others who are in a wheelchair will need help with transportation to and from the wedding. Wheelchair accessible vans can be rented from some rental car facilities, and they are much easier for handicapped seniors to maneuver than being lifted into a car seat. Make sure a family member can accompany them for special situations that may arise.

Be sure to check out the location for the wedding and reception to make certain that both are convenient for someone with walking handicaps. The entry to the building should contain a wheelchair ramp. If it does not, there must be an entry door at ground level wide enough to accept someone in a wheelchair. Bear in mind that wheelchair sizes vary according to the size of the person using them.

The space between reception tables should be wide enough for a wheelchair-bound person to navigate easily, even with crowds around. Seniors may have toileting needs, so be sure that the restroom has wheelchair-accessible stalls, and that it is in a location that is easy for the disabled to reach.

Adult day services

Adults get involved in so many activities at a go in a day. This includes their thoughts and plans that they put in their schedule. Most of them will include so many activities in their daily schedule and end up not fulfilling them due to other circumstances that they can’t avoid such as sickness and epidemics that can’t be avoided at all cost. Just the way we plan on what to do is the same way the adult day activities are planned to work out the way it is required. Though planning the activities for adults I a day care is challenging especially if they are not grouped. They are offered activities such as enjoyment, they are given companionship and entertainment.

They share meals, games and enjoy outings with people just like them. While in these day cares, they undergo so many activities like;




They play games like crosswords, Sudoku, scenic puzzles to exercise their brains and even strengthen the body. They also create interactions between them. They are even encouraged to participate in video games

Parties for Disabled Adults

Yes! Disability is not inability. Being disabled should not stop you from living life and having fun. Parties are one of the ways that we have fun and connect with our friends and families. In a party a lot of things go on people eat, they dance, people make presentations, people go crazy and also they play games. Many times when it comes to games the disabled we are left out making them feel left out and make them not want to attend parties.

Am sure you try to figure out what party game would involve the disabled.party

Here is a list to choose from;

Truth or dare.

This is a game where you start by spinning the bottle and whoever the head points at will be choose between truth or dare. If they choose truth they are asked questions and they have to answer genuinely. When they choose dare they are asked to do wired things. If there is a person with hearing disability they could be given the spinning role.

The cherry pie game.

Put a plate with five cherries on the table and see who will be first to eat all the cherries with their hands tied on their back. Make sure to cover the plate with whipped cream.

Happy New Year!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope you had a great holiday and that 2016 will be a great year for you. Have you made any new years resolutions? Maybe you want to lose weight or to get fit. It may be that you want to stop smoking or you are going to do something that you […]

The Seagull Trust Boat Trip.


Dalgairn service users recently had a day out with the Seagull trust. The barge left from Ratho and travelled down the union Canal to Almondale.
The service user had a lovely trip down the canal and got some fantastic pictures.

Scottish Indoor Bowling Championships


Wendy Thomson will have an early start to the day this Saturday (5thFebruary) after being chosen to represent Fife in the Scottish Indoor Bowling Championships.

The event is being held in Inverness, which means Wendy will have to be up for 5am to start the long journey.

Wendy has worked her way through the qualifying rounds and her success and hard work have resulted in her being chosen to represent us in this prestigious event.

Card Competition


In August, Newburgh held its annual flower show.

8 people from Dalgairn Centre participated in the Card Making Competition, entering hand-made cards.

Great Results:

Susan Cowley won 2nd prize

Michelle Lyons won 3rd prize.

Caledonian Awards

A group have recently completed a residential trip and achieved awards of gold, silver and bronze between them. They had a great trip over 4 days, walking approximately 7 miles around the Abriachan Trails near Drummnadrochit and staying at the Bearnock youth hostel.